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Online bingo
Online bingo is rapidly increasing with and endless choice of new bingo sites for you to play on. We have selected the best bingo sites on the internet with some fantastic signup bonuses. You could spend hours searching each different bingo website or you may even take a gamble on the most avertised bingo sites which are not always the best bingo sites to play on.


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You can now easily compare bingo online where we have done all of the work for you by comparing the online bingo market and creating a checklist of all of thhe things we believe are important. With OKcompare.couk you can easily compare deals and features offered by each bingo website



Bingo Rules
Bingo is a very straightforward game for you to play. We have listed a basic explanation of the bingo rules that will help you know exactly what you are doing. We have included the rules for both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, as you will see the game is a bit different but the general objective is to be the first to win.


90 Ball Bingo

The traditional bingo is 90 ball bingo and players need to buy bingo tickets featuring three lines with five numbers on each line.At the start of the game the numbers are selected randomly and are called out by the bingo caller. In some of the games the numbers will be called out in digits and then the number (for example, "2 and 6... 26") and in other games of bingo they can also use "bingo banter" or "bingo lingo". Players need to monitor their tickets to see if they have the number being called out by the bingo caller, if they match the number on their card they need to mark it with a pen. In 90 ball bingo there is three prizes paid out. The top prize is given to the person who marks all three lines of the numbers - also known as a full house in a club environment. Secound prize is give to the person who marks two lines of numbers and thee third prize is given to the player who marks one line of numbers. Winners make a claim by shouting out "bingo" or "house". When you play online the winning ticket will automatically be detected and and ticketsare daubed automatically aswell.


75 Ball Bingo

In 75 ball bingo there is 75 balls used and players can buy bingo tickets featuring a 5x5 grid. Each square on your grid will contain numbers and the central square will often show a "FREE SQUARE" which will mean it is already marked for you. The same as a 90 ball bingo game numbers are selected at random and called out by a bingo caller. Players have to monitor their tickets to see if the numbers appear, if they hit a number you mark it with a dauber. In a 75 ball bingo game there is only one prize paid out to the first player who marks all of the squares making a particular shape on the winning ticket. There are lots of different shapes that are used in 75 ball bingo like the L shape and this is referred to as "pattern bingo". If you cover the entire ticket this is known as blackout bingo or coverall bingo.







Bingo Websites

75 / 90 Ball Bingo

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75 & 90 Ball Bingo

75 & 90 Ball Bingo

75 & 90 Ball Bingo

75 & 90 Ball Bingo

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