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Compare Pet insurance with OKcompare.co.uk


We have compiled a short guide that explains what pet insurance is and how it works so you can make an informed decision before purchasing your pet insurance. It could help you save money and find the right cover for you. OKcompare.co.uk list some of the most competitive pet insurace companies on the market so you will be sure to find the best pet insurance for your pet.


What is Pet Insurance?


Pet insurance will help cover the costs of veterinary treatment in the event of an insured pet being injured in an accident or falling ill. Some of the pet insurance policies will also pay out if a pet dies, is lost or stolen or causes injury to a third party or damages a third party's property. Many pet insurance companies also cover other pets other than cats & dogs they will also cover smaller pets to, such as rabbits, snakes and even exotics pets like parrots.


Why do I need Pet Insurance?


When a pet falls ill or are injured providing the best health care for them is important. With the advances in veterinary medicine, treatments are now available that were once reserved for humans, making fatal conditions in animals now treatable. Veterinary practices now have access to much more advance equipment than they have in the past. This allows them to detect & diagnose problems that would once have gone untreated. These types of treatments & diagnostics come at a price, leaving pet owners faced with difficult choices. This is the main reason many pet owners now decide to take out pet insurance as not only does it provide valuable peace of mind against huge veterinary fees, but it will also allow them to fully explore all of the available treatment options for their pet.


Check out our Pet insurance comparison tables below!